Mertens and Ospina, the last word is not said: the situation

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Dries Mertens e David Ospina they live in a rather similar situation: they await the right offer to say yes to Napoli again. Corriere dello Sport talks about the attacker and the goalkeeper expiring on June 30th.

The story is simple: Ciro wants to continue playing with Napoli aEven after the club refused his annual renewal request – 2.4 million salary plus bonuses, plus 1.6 million signing bonuses – but as he stated ten days ago: for the moment no one has formulated him a counter offer.

Ospina also reflects and shudders: the proposals are in hiding, Napoli has not accepted his request for a three-year renewal and he must still give an answer to the club’s two-year proposal. To figures other than those proposed, mind you.

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