Mertens and Sabalenka make firewood from Japanese duo on their way to semi-finals | Australian Open

Shuko Aoyama Ena Shibahara


Elise Mertens Aryna sabalenka

Elise Mertens has been able to flush her out in the singles of the Australian Open with a smooth victory in the quarter-finals of the doubles. Together with her regular partner Arina Sabalenka, she put the duo Aoyama-Shibara through the meat grinder.

Elise Mertens and Arina Sabalenka have won many major tournaments in recent years, the highlight of which was the US Open of 2019. As number 2, they are the highest remaining seed in Australia, a status that they are highlighting against Shuko Aoyama and Ena Shibahara. put.

Initially, the Japanese women could more or less keep up to 2-3. After this, Mertens and Sabalenka won 9 games in a row.

In the semi-finals, Mertens faces an old acquaintance. She won 4 WTA titles alongside Demi Schuurs. The Dutch then played for a while with the German Grönefeld, but now it is with the American Melichar.

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