Merval closed the week down


In a wheel with an operating volume of $ 590 million, slightly lower than its daily average of $ 660 million in the last two weeks, the main losses were recorded by the shares of BYMA and Mirgor who lost 5% respectively, Transportadora de Gas del Norte fell 4.9%, Transener lost 4.2% and Banco Francés scored 4.1%.

In the opposite direction, the only gains were seen in Comercial del Plata with an increase of 3.5% and Petrobras that did it in 1%.

US dollar bonds closed the wheel with most of the decreases accentuated in the long section of the yield curve, which stood at 2.7% in the case of Par.

On the other hand, bonds issued in local currency, both those indexed by CER and Badlar, have culminated in neutral and negative bonds up to 0.4% in the case of Discount.

"In the week when Fitch lowered Outlook for Argentina's debt from stable to negative, dollar bonds returned to show very few companies (on the eve of the holidays this Monday in the US) and lost an average of 25 cents ", underlined by the SBS Group.

With regard to the weight tranche, understanding of spreads is observed: short operating times already operate at around 50/52% while the daily leliqs auction closed at an average rate of 67.13%, reflecting a minimum weekly basis of 170 basis points ", added the company.

On the other hand, the Treasury has announced that it will offer on Wednesday in dollars at 175 days with a guaranteed minimum rate of 4.75%.


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