Meryem Uzerli shocked her followers with her chicken-like look – with pictures


The Turkish star surprisedMeryem UzerliFollowers of the latest photo session, which she published on her social networking site.
Uzerli appeared with a strange look full of colors, as some compared her clothes to a chicken, especially since her design suggests that.
And a number of her followers left a lot of funny comments.

Meryem Uzerli returns to her father with a photo of them together

Uzerli had returned to her father on the occasion of his birthday, with a photo of their gathering, which she published on her personal page on the social networking site.
The photo received a wide reaction, especially after its followers noticed the great similarity between them.
It is worth noting that Maryam creates a stir among her followers every time she publishes a new photo of her.
Uzerli had previously published a set of new photos of her on her personal page on the social networking site, and caught the attention of her followers in her classic clothes that carried summer colors, and left her hair hanging on her shoulders with a curly hairstyle, adopting soft makeup.

Meryem Uzerli leaves her children and the reason

Turkish star Meryem Uzerli intends to return to acting again. She came to Istanbul, leaving her children in Germany, in order to hold meetings with the parties that offered her acting jobs. If she accepts any offer, she will bring her children to Istanbul.

Jamal Maryam Uzerli, the talk of the followers

As usual, Turkish star Maryam Uzerli spoke with admiration among her followers when she posted pictures on social media. She published two new photos, appearing between two models wearing make-up, as she adopted a classic look in a dress with a striking design and bright colors, and the features of her face were a lot of happiness.
And the Turkish journalist Bersin Altuntas revealed that she had recently held negotiations with the Turkish star Maryam Uzerli to join the fifth season of “The Forbidden Apple”, but she did not accept the offer because she had given birth to her child.

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The scandal of Meryem Uzerli and Murat Yildirim… Intimate kisses

The audience was surprised by the spread of pictures of the two Turkish stars, Meryem Uzerli and Murat Yildirim, exchanging intimate kisses. The public considered this photo a scandal. But the truth is that the pictures are from the series “Queen of the Night” produced in 2015, which included a large number of actors, including Burak Deniz, Ugur Polat, Sada Akman, Fonda Iriet and Selim Berktar.
Followers wondered about the position of Murad Yildirim’s wife, former Miss Morocco, Iman Al-Bani, regarding the spread of these photos.


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