Messi and the Argentine president demand the resumption of Sala's research


Messi and the Argentine president demand the resumption of Sala's research

Saturday 20 Jumada I 1440 H – 26 January 2019

Photo by Argentine Emiliano Sala (EBA)

Buenos Aires: Middle East online

Argentine President Mauricio Macri and Barcelona star Lionel Messi joined together to demand the resumption of the Argentine football player Emiliano Sala.
McCurry ordered his foreign minister to send formal requests to Britain and France to resume the search, according to a statement from his office.
Lionel Messi appealed to the authorities to resume the research Room after the British island police in Gronse decided on Thursday to end the search begun Monday night for the missing aircraft.
"As long as there is a possibility, a glimmer of hope, we ask you not to stop looking for Emiliano," wrote Messi in his Instagram account. All the power for your family and friends "with the theme # Pray for Sala, just moved from Nantes to Cardiff City in the English Premier League.
Messi's appeal comes after Sala's father and players, including his French compatriot Valentin Fada and Uruguayan striker Liganes Diego Roland, have asked the authorities to continue the search.
"The only thing I'm asking you is to keep looking," said Horacio, the father of the missing player, after the police announced the end of the search. "I know deep in my heart that Emiliano is still alive," said Sister Romina, crying for the British media in Cardiff. Please do not stop looking, understand the difficulty of the task, but do not stop looking. For us, they are still alive. "
"We have reviewed all the information available and made the difficult decision to end the search," police said. "The chances of survival in this phase are very low".
The police conducted more than 24 hours of continuous research involving coasts, rocks and islands using three planes and five helicopters.
He also participated in rescue operations, with the help of fishing vessels and ships.
Sala, who has signed a transfer from Nantes to Karev on a € 17m contract on Saturday, has returned to Cardiff from Nantes with just one single-engine Piper 46A Malibu aircraft registered in the United States.
The Sala family believes they can still be found alive and asked his former team Nantes not to revive his memory in the weekend game against Unton Saint-Sainte-Gratien.
"We ask you to respect the family, who refuses to speak of mourning, and asked us to remain faithful," said Nantes captain Valentin Rongier to more than 300 supporters who participated in the drills on Thursday. "That's why there will not be a minute of silence or a minute of applause during Sunday's match, because we have not lost hope."
The authorities in Gornsey have revealed the name of the missing pilot, David Abbotson, who lives in the north of England, while a spokesman for the British Air Accident Investigation Branch said that the pilot's license was examined during the investigation.
"We will consider the operational aspects of the trip, which include the license, our goal is not to spread the blame or responsibility, but to know the cause of the accident."
Mr. Abbotson is said to have told a friend via social media shortly before takeoff that he was a bit confused in the exercise of certain controls on the plane.
According to the database of the United States Federal Aviation Administration in which the missing aircraft is registered, he is the owner of a British private license obtained on the basis of a 2014 certificate allowing him to drive an aircraft single engine.
The British Civil Aviation Authority, which issues UK licenses in accordance with European Union regulations, said it could not "confirm the type of license it possesses".
According to the rules of the EU, the private pilot's license is for "recreational trips only" and "no money is allowed for any flight that makes use of a license of this type, except for some aeronautical training courses".
The EU aviation guidelines indicate that pilots who receive a financial position need a commercial license.




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