Messi asked for a dismissal to return to Barça, they did not speak and they do not speak

Leo Messi is close to renewing with him PSG y stay in France for a while longerafter completing the first two years that he signed once he left the Barça. Her departure from the Camp Nou was traumatic, without him wanting her and in the midst of a sea of ​​tears. But in Paris he seems to have found a favorable ecosystem and, except for a big surprise at the last minute, the Argentine is going to extend his stay at the Parque de los Príncipes.

The relationship of Leo Messi and Gerard Piqué, broken for more than a year

In this year and a half that Rosario’s has spent outside Barcelona, Rumors about a possible comeback to what has been their home for more than 20 years have been a constant. Nobody denies that the heart of Messi has not been the possibility of returning but it has always been something very difficult and that depended on being aligned many factors. Many of them remain unrealized, as the improvement of relationship with Joan Laporta or a better economic situation of the entity.

Piqué and Leo Messi, together in a photo of the Barça staff / Photo: FC Barcelona

But if there is one that has ended up being produced. Because according to what you have reported Culemania, One of Messi’s demands, if he seriously considered his return to the Camp Nou, would have been that Gerard Piqué will stop being part of the team. Despite having coincided from grassroots football, the relationship between the two ended up very deterioratedand that Piqué told Laporta that Messi’s departure was going to help the club’s coffers, the Argentine did not like it at all.

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He will continue at PSG in search of giving them their first Champions League

Since then, there has been no talk with the central defender, who He has already announced his retirement from football. and now he is focused on his professional projects such as managing FC Andorra or the organization of the Kings League. However, that Piqué is no longer linked to Barça It will not be enough to see Messi as a Blaugrana. He will continue in Paris, where they trust him and Mbappé to be able to lift the Champions League that is so difficult for them.

Leo Messi, in his presentation as a PSG footballer / Photo: EFE

It is probably the only thing that Messi has left to do in his career, give the first European Cup to a club that has not yet been able to win it in its entire history. This year he has been able to cross out his biggest obsession, the World Cup. In Qatar, he was able to fulfill his biggest dreamand win the World Cup. Still with that euphoria, Messi will try to prolong his great form to help fill the showcases of the French club, full of national titles but eager to boast of some metal won by the fields of European football.

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