Messi: Cristiano Ronaldo adapts well to Manchester United, our matchup will go down in history_La Liga

Original title: Messi: Cristiano Ronaldo adapts well to Manchester United. Our matchup will go down in history

In an interview with “Marca”, Messi was asked about Ronaldo-related topics. Although the two have competed for many years, Messi has always maintained a high degree of respect and respect for Ronaldo. When talking about Ronaldo, Messi once again sent a compliment.

Although Manchester United has struggled in the league this season, Ronaldo’s personal data is still quite good. Messi praised Ronaldo: “Manchester United has a very strong lineup and has many outstanding players. Ronaldo knew Manchester United very well before, and now he has adapted very well and is impressive. From the beginning of his return to Manchester United, he has continued the past. Performance, he has been scoring goals. The Premier League is not as easy to adapt as we thought, it is a very difficult match. After December, the situation may also change, anything can happen.”

Messi and Ronaldo have fought in the Spanish national derby for many years, and they once won the 10-year Golden Globe Award. Messi commented on this: “We have not competed in the same league for a long time. We were fighting for the same goal with the surnames of individuals and teams. For the two of us and the fans, it was a very important thing. Dreamy things. Everyone will enjoy it. This is a good memory that will be engraved in the annals of football history.”

In recent years, the three big stars of Neymar, Ronaldo and Messi have all left La Liga. Messi talked about his attitude towards La Liga: “I hope La Liga can attract those great players again, just like before. La Liga has always been one of the best leagues in the world. I hope La Liga can welcome back the stars. We are different because of the difference. I left for reasons, but I believe La Liga will be as strong as ever.”Return to Sohu to see more

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