Messi is still missing out on his comeback in Ligue 1. It’s a pity that he is alone in a truce.

Original title: Messi still missed the comeback of his Ligue 1 career for nearly half of the truce, it is a pity that he is lonely

At 4 am Beijing time tomorrow, Paris will face Brest in the Ligue 1. Although Paris has not officially announced the squad, coach Pochettino made it clear at the pre-match press conference that Messi will not be able to participate in the game. After entering 2022, Messi has yet to get a chance to play.

During the Christmas and New Year holidays, Messi contracted the new crown virus in Argentina. After the test result turned negative, Messi flew back to Paris, but was unable to participate in the team training. As of this Friday, local time, Messi is still only able to train alone, not joint training. Paris officially announced that Messi can only continue to resume the process now. Messi’s goal is to gradually return to team training next week.

In the pre-match press conference, Pochettino said of Messi: “Messi is in better condition, but he still needs to train with the help of the team doctor. I hope he can return to the team as soon as possible. On whether Messi will The discussion about participating in the Argentina training camp continues every day. Now, we just hope that he will return as soon as possible. I cannot confirm whether Messi will miss the national team training, we can only hope that he will return as soon as possible. Will Messi miss the game against Bres? Special? Yes.”

On social networks, a picture of Messi is going viral. Messi watched the group training of his Paris teammates through the glass door. Messi has been unable to participate in the joint training, which makes Messi obviously not very happy, and there is a little frustration in the eyes of the Argentine. Messi has always regarded football as his life, and now this feeling is really uncomfortable for him. After joining Paris, Messi missed 9 games in the 20-year league, and missed almost half of the games.Return to Sohu, see more


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