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The first goal to be scored was created by “Napoli”. In the second minute, Lorenzo Insinje’s pass with two rebounds reached Dris Mertens. The Napoli record holder’s goal was hit by a shot, but that was what surprised the goalkeeper’s goalkeeper Mark Andre ter Stegen. He watched the ball with his gaze, hitting it close to the goal post. If the guests did not score, “Barcelona” took the lead in the 10th minute. After the corner kick, the highest lens was Klemen Lengle – 1: 0. The Frenchman pushed back his cover, but VAR decided to score the same way.

In the 23rd minute, “Barcelona” doubled the lead thanks to the genius captain Lionel Mesi. After receiving the ball from the right, he broke into the penalty area, surrounded by three players, fell and stood up, holding the ball until he was hit. Messi hit the fall and hit perfectly in the far corner – 2: 0. “Napoli” became the 35th team in the Champions League, against which Mesi scored. Soon Mesi stood out again, but after the VAR replay, the goal was not counted as Mesi played with his hand.

But the next episode of VAR was Argentine and “Barcelona” favorable. Messi succumbed and stole Kalidū Kulibali, immediately getting a foot kick. Messi suffered hard enough to entrust the pendulum to Luis Svares, who reached 3: 0. However, the first half carnival was not over. Already during the compensation, Ivan Rakitic shot Mertens, and an 11-meter penalty shot was also awarded to the fortress of Ter Steven. Insinje easily scored 1: 3, but Napoli needed two more goals to continue.

“Napoli” finally managed to score another goal in the 81st minute, but the joys were very short – the flag of the referee’s assistant was immediately raised from behind. Arkadiušs Miliks finished off the long pass with a great shot, but he had gained an unauthorized advantage. Both before and after, Napoli had no real chance to stand out, so Barcelona reached the quarterfinals. Munich’s “Bayern” will face it.

Champions League 1/8 finals

The game The result Goalkeepers
Man City – Real 2:1 (1:1) Sterling 9 ‘Jesus 68’ – Benzema 28 ‘
Juventus – Lyon 2:1 (1:1) Ronaldu 43 ‘(11m) 60’ – Depajs 12 ‘(11m)
Barcelona – Naples 3:1 (3:1) Lenglē 10 ‘Mesi 23’ Svaress 45 ‘+ 1 – Insinje 45’ + 5
Bayern – Chelsea 4:1 (2:1) Levandovskis 10 ‘(11m) 84’ Perišičs 24 ‘Toliso 76’ – Eibrehems 44 ‘

Champions League quarterfinals

No. The team The team
1. Man. City Lyon
2. Leipzig Atletico
3. Barcelona Bayern
4. Atalanta PSG

Champions League semifinals

The team The team
Q1 winner Q3 winner
Q2 winner Q4 winner


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