Messina dismisses the coach Sasà Sullo. Eziolino Capuano’s announcement awaited

Sasa Sullo is no longer the coach of the Messina. The four consecutive defeats were fatal to the former Giallorossi midfielder, who therefore prematurely ended his adventure on the shores of the Strait despite the two-year contract signed on 30 July last. The team, after an excellent debut in the Italian Cup in Castellammare and a comforting start in the championship, suffered an evident decline in results, which exploded with the net home knockout with the Monterosi.

The team manager Alessandro Parisi and the technician Sasà Sullo

The club has formalized the choice in a press release released at 13.34: “Acr Messina, given the sporting results of the last few weeks and the growing negative attitude of the team, following a discussion with the technical manager Salvatore Sullo, in which he expressed his difficulties, decided by mutual agreement with the coach of to interrupt the path taken. Acr Messina thanks the coach from Campania for the work done with professionalism and constant commitment, wishing the best professional fortunes in the rest of his career “.

Sullo was not even particularly lucky, since excellent tests such as those with Paganese, Palermo e Foggia they earned just two points, including injuries, a delay in the condition of key elements, especially in defense, and individual errors such as at the “Zaccheria”. The disappointing choral performance with the Lazio players, however, convinced the owners and management to dismiss the coach in advance.

Pietro Lo Monaco

The general manager Pietro Lo Monaco (photo Paolo Furrer)

For Messina the returns are unfortunate, which have materialized in recent years and not only during the management of Pietro Sciotto. As had already happened with the sporting director Antonio Obbedio and technicians Sasa Marra ed Enrico Buonocore the second Peloritan experience was definitely not comparable to the exciting adventures of players in the Giallorossi. Only Arturo of Naples managed to lead the team to a seventh place, but in the end of the season he was forced to leave the bench due to a disqualification.

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The new Messina also showed evident cracks on the front of personality and determination. For the succession, the owners decided to focus on an experienced technician, with a reputation as a great motivator, such as Eziolino Capuano, already briefly in Messina during the Di Mascio management, in August 2010, when after the missed repechage among the professionals he left the Acr at the end of the summer retreat of Trevi.

Eziolino Capuano

Eziolino Capuano once again joined Acr Messina (photo Lapresse)

The person concerned, expected in the city for the agreement on the staff and the simultaneous signature, was not unbalanced in the late morning: “I’ve always been outspoken and this has limited me very much over the course of my career, but at the moment I can’t answer. Of course I’m free and would only travel for one project and one important square. It’s nice that my name is approached at the club. Last year I declined the invitation, not out of presumption but because I didn’t really know the category. In recent years I have always preferred to train in C, refusing offers from D “.

But according to the Corriere dello Sport is set to sign a contract until June 2022 with the option for the second year in case of playoff qualification, taking the deputy with him Giuseppe Padovano and the collaborator Giovanni Micallo. The most significant experiences with Sora, Juve Stabia, Paganese, Fondi, Arezzo, Modena, Sambenedettese and Avellino. The last stop on Power, which Messina will face right next Sunday. Which at this point Capuano could face as an opponent on his debut on his new bench.

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