Messi’s deal was not lost.

Although his first season with Paris club Technically, it was his worst season in his football career, scoring only 11 goals in 34 matches, and crowning him with the local league title only, but the arrival of Messi It was not financially so for the Parisian team, which achieved unprecedented profits in its history, according to the club’s president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

And the matter was revealed this week by the Spanish newspaper Marca, which indicated that the transfer of Messi from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain cost great financial and technical losses to the Catalan team, in exchange for fantastic profits for the French team, which managed to overcome the obsession with the rules of fair financial play that pursue the big European clubs, His turnover amounted to 700 million euros, after he achieved incomes of more than 300 million euros in Messi’s first season, an unprecedented number, and a candidate for an increase even more in the second season after renewing the contract of striker Kylian Mbappe.

T-shirt sales were one of the most important sources of income for the Parisian team, as their number exceeded one million, 60% of them bearing the number and name of Messi, with an increase of more than forty percent over the previous season, the same thing that happened with Ronaldo since his return to Manchester United, in exchange for a significant decline in The sale of Barcelona shirts since Messi’s departure, which led to a decline in the team’s income from ticket sales, and advertising and advertising incomes, which declined significantly in Barcelona.

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The incomes in Paris increased thanks to the new advertising contracts with famous international companies, institutions and brands, which revived the club’s treasury, and eased the burdens of spending on renewing Mbappe’s contract and bringing in Messi, Ramos, Wijnaldum and Hakimi, and all the other investments made by the team over a decade, before it started in Benefit from the returns of his investments and achieve material profits.

The accounts of the Parisian club on social networking sites, in turn, witnessed a significant increase in the number of followers and fans, exceeding 15 million additional followers, to exceed 150 million, including 60 million on Instagram and 20 million on Tik Tok, which in turn contributes to attracting advertisers and increasing income, and promoting the name of the team To the ranks of the world’s seniors despite belonging to a league inferior to the leagues in England, Spain and Italy, but the presence of top stars had a great financial return, accompanied by record local crowns in a short period, lacking a coach able to employ and invest in it to achieve the European Champions League, then the Club World Cup And rising to the ranks of adults, and keeping pace with the achievements of the French national team, the holder of the World Cup titles in 2018 and the European Nations League last year, which will inevitably happen despite the difficulty of the task in front of the giants of English football.

With the renewal of Mbappe for two additional seasons and the presence of Neymar and Messi, this season is expected to double the revenues from selling tickets, shirts, advertisements and advertising contracts as well, because it is about the three best players in the world unchallenged, who will seek to raise the technical return to the level of financial return with the new season, despite the leaks that speak The imminent departure of the Brazilian Neymar for purely technical reasons, but it will undoubtedly enrich the club’s treasury and allow the recruitment of new players and a new coach. It may be Christophe Galtier, the coach of the Nice team, who is unanimous in the administrative, technical and public circles, given what he did with Saint-Etienne over eight seasons, and with Lille, with whom he won the local league last season, and after a series of unsuccessful experiences with foreign coaches, failed to achieve the Champions League, which remains an obsession chasing the Parisians.


The name of the coach, his weight and his work will be important and decisive, but the presence of Messi and Mbappe remains the strongest weapons of Paris Saint-Germain technically, and more profitable in financial terms, which remains of paramount importance in light of the club’s continued management of the policy of attracting and maintaining stars, because they have become a source of great income, exceeding Much of the money that was paid for them, as is the case with Messi, who lays golden eggs since his arrival in a profitable commercial deal that overturned all scales and standards, and refuted all analyzes and expectations that were talking about a losing deal.

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