Messi’s father breaks the silence and attacks the cause of his departure!

Jorge Messi, the father of Lionel Messi, talks about the reason for his departure from Barcelona and confirms that his playing for Paris is not strange.

Jorge Messi, father of Argentine star Lionel Messi, former Barcelona captain and current Paris Saint-Germain star, confirmed that his son does not have any problems with the Catalan club.

This came in a press statement that Jorge made at Catalonia airport upon his arrival today, Monday, during which he confirmed, despite that, that Messi had a problem with some of the people who caused his departure.

Jorge talked about Lionel’s first match in the Paris Saint-Germain shirt, and how strange it was to see him in a shirt other than Barcelona’s.

What did Jorge Messi say when he arrived in Barcelona about having problems with the club?

Jorge responded when asked if he and his son had any problems with Barcelona after leaving the club.

“No, not with the club, but with someone, and that’s all I will say on that,” said the Argentine’s father.

What did Messi’s father say about wearing the Paris Saint-Germain shirt?

The journalist directed another question to Jorge, asking him if it was strange for him to wear a shirt other than Barcelona’s.

The answer came in the negative from Lionel’s father, who said: “No, wearing the Paris shirt was not strange, that is life.”

And Messi played in yesterday’s meeting for 24 minutes, not leaving a clear imprint on the result, which was referring to the progress of Paris with two clean goals already at the time of the descent.

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