Mesut Ozil back injury: the sports doctor reveals the "truth" behind the star problem – Irish Mirror


An important sports doctor has suggested that the frequent back problems of Mesut Ozil could derive from the fact that he plays up to FIVE HOURS of the Fortnite video game a day.

The German lost the last four games of the Gunners, and the last time he was seen when he was replaced by Aaron Ramsey in the 75th of the 1-1 against Wolves last month.

Back problems were blamed for absences, while the Gunners' boss yesterday Unai Emery suggested he still has to decide whether or not Ozil will have to face Huddersfield Town at Emirates Stadium on Saturday.

"This morning he worked with the physiotherapist in the field, running and touching the ball," he said. "[Friday] it will be the decision. "

Ozil played the last time against the wolves last month

Back spasms were blamed for his absences

There is no suggestion as to what this decision is yet, but to observe what Ozil is doing in its downtime, Gunners fans have taken control of the Fortnite statistics portal "Wasted on Fortnite" which shows how often every account has played.

The express claims that the portal shows that the player account of Ozil has played about 5,221 games, with an average duration of about 20 minutes.

This equates to approximately 1,740 hours of play or 72 days.

It works about five hours a day.

Ozil is a huge Fortnite fan

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world

Sports doctor Ingo Frobose, a university professor for sports prevention and rehabilitation at the German Sport University of Cologne, told BILD that many games could damage the career of the World Cup winner.

"Yes, that [Fortnite] it can be the cause of Ozil's back problems, "he said.

"A competitive athlete feels the consequences of hours of inactivity much faster than a non-athlete.

"This is because Ozil's physical structures are highly tuned because of his intense training.

"A non-athlete, however, does not notice."



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