Metro de CdMx announced reinforcement works on Line 12 in 2018

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Mexico City / 03.05.2021 23:54:36

Tonight there was a accident on Line 12 of the Mexico City Metro al collapse of a girder between Olivos and Tezonco stations; however, en January 2018, the capital government announced that it the reinforcement work on the spine was completed 69, located between the Olivos and Nopalera stations, which was damaged by the September earthquakes.

In a statement, the then director of the Collective Transportation System (STC), Jorge Gaviño Ambriz, presented what he called the Conclusion of Reinforcement Works for Line 12 due to Damages from the September 19 earthquake.

In the event, the official stated that the repairs were being sought “privilege the safety of users. “And he assured that the works guaranteed, and even,” there is no need “to reinforce the structures.

The works in the column lasted three months and 15 million pesos were invested in charge of the companies CARSO, Construction of Transport Works, Colinas de Buen, TSO and Systra.

In the 2018 report, it was detailed that permanent preventive maintenance work would continue on Line 12, “pFor example, switches are cleaned and lubricated, bolt adjustment, maintenance of joints and insulating material, screw tightening and geometry verification are carried out. On the roads, it performs a wear control on curves with a radius of less than 550 meters, verification of fixings and inspection routes “.



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