Mexibus will be expanded to connect with new airport

Tultitlán, Mex.— Line 1 of the Mexibús, which currently offers service from Ciudad Azteca, in Ecatepec, to Ojo de Agua, in Tecámac, will be extended to the Felipe Ángeles de Santa Lucía International Airport, the governor of the State of Mexico reported yesterday , Alfredo del Mazo Maza.

He explained that the project will be completed in February 2022, before the new terminal begins to operate, and indicated that everything necessary is done to have an efficient system, with the construction of stations and the manufacture of buses that provide this service.

“This line, Line 1 of the Mexibús, is going to have a very important extension to reach the new Felipe Ángeles International Airport. This line will be one of the main transports to get to and from the Felipe Ángeles International Airport; we are in the process of making the necessary works and adjustments; The buses that will cover this expansion of Mexibús Line 1 are also being manufactured, in order to better connect the Felipe Ángeles International Airport.

“We are working against the clock, because we are also doing everything necessary for this expansion, with the construction of the stations, with the already new buses for the expansion of this stage that can be in operation, at the latest by February next year. ”, He commented.

In Tultitlán, where the governor gave the starting signal for new articulated units, which renew the vehicle fleet of Line 1 of the Mexibús, Del Mazo Maza reported that in the last 18 months, the transport sector has registered a significant impact, and It is one of those that has suffered the most throughout the pandemic.

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“We are in an important stage of renovation, new units are being delivered, renewing the vehicle fleet of Line 1 of the Mexibús, which was the first in the State of Mexico. Nowadays, it renews its vehicle fleet with transport that is also environmentally friendly, with safe transport, with state-of-the-art transport, modern, comfortable, safe for the user and that we are sure will provide a better service for those who use this line. ”Said the state governor.

Del Mazo Maza explained that the Mexibús lines are of great relevance for the transfer in the Mexican municipalities conurbating with Mexico City, since they travel 87 kilometers, they cross eight city councils of the entity and two mayors of the capital.

The new units are equipped with video surveillance cameras connected to the Command Center, to attend to passengers in the event of any problem, in addition to having Euro V technology that reduces the use of fuel and other forms of pollution, such as noise.


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