Mexican woman did not recognize herself in intimate photos and stabbed her husband with a knife


The woman found candid pictures on her husband’s phone and, without listening to explanations, attacked him.

In Mexico, the wife found intimate photos on her husband’s phone and attacked him with a knife, not realizing that she was captured in the pictures. This was reported on January 26 by the edition New York Daily News.

It is noted that the jealous woman did not listen to her husband’s explanations and inflicted several knife wounds on him while he managed to disarm her.

During the fight, neighbors heard screams and called the police.

The law enforcement officers who arrived at the scene found out that the man had found archived emails in his computer, in which his wife had sent him intimate photographs. He loaded them into his phone, not knowing how it would turn out.

The wife told the police that she did not recognize herself in the pictures. She saw a “younger and slimmer woman” who has sex with her husband.

The jealous wife was arrested. She was charged with domestic violence.

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