Mexico opens the registry for the booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine for people 40 years of age or older

Health personnel apply the Johnson & Johnson covid-19 vaccine in Tijuana in June.Joebeth Terriquez (EFE)

The Government of Mexico has opened the registry this Wednesday so that people over 40 years of age can receive the biological reinforcement against the coronavirus. This a little less than a month after they started with the application for adults over 60 years of age. It was planned that the teacher vaccination It will start on January 8 with Moderna brand biologicals, donated by the United States Government; however, due to winter storms, it could be postponed.

On Tuesday, the Secretary of Health, Jorge Alcocer, announced that the booster dose would be extended to teachers, pregnant women, and adults 50 years of age or older. The omicron variant has alerted the governments of the world due to its high spread and transmissibility, for which it is recommended to have three doses. Only a little more than half of Mexicans have received the first two doses against covid-19. According to World Bank data, a total of 56.4% or 128 million people have the full scheme.

How to register for the booster dose

People who belong to this population group must enter the portal and enter your CURP in the box “I am 40 years old or older and request the booster vaccination”. Upon entering, you must click on the “Request vaccination booster” box and fill in data about the last dose of vaccination, entity, municipality, telephone and personal email.

In the last step, you must download the reinforcement voucher that must be printed to take with you on the day of the appointment for the application of the biological. The site operates with some intermittence; however, it is possible to complete the entire process by updating the site.

What papers do I need on the day of my appointment?

Although the dates for the application of the third dose are not yet known, when they attend the appointment, citizens must bring proof of vaccination for the second dose, the registration for this dose, proof of address and INE.

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