Mexico: the attempt to rescue the prisoners leaves 6 dead policemen – Mundo Hispánico


A group of armed men attacked the police on Monday in an apparent attempt to free a detainee they were carrying, killing six officers, officials from the state of Jalisco said.

It is the most serious attack of the criminal gangs since Andrés Manuel López Obrador took over the presidency of Mexico on Saturday with a promise to contain violence in the country.

The state's attorney general, Marisela Gómez Cobos, said the attackers were traveling on three vehicles and attacked the police patrol near a highway in the city of La Huerta.

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One of the assailants was injured and is in custody and even one of the officers was wounded, he added. The army and police mobilized helicopters to transport the wounded.

The other attackers escaped and blocked two roads with burning vehicles. The Mexican drug cartels often use such barricades to facilitate their escapes.

The Jalisco Nueva Generación sign operates in the state.

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In his first press conference as president on Monday, Lopez Obrador said the number of murders was reduced in his first weekend in office.

The leader proposed to use the army as a basis for the creation of a national guard to address drug cartels and other criminal gangs.

The Jalisco cartel has already directly attacked the police and the army in the past. In 2015, a group of armed men shot down a military helicopter killing six soldiers.

The Mexican authorities confirmed Monday that a journalist was found murdered in the state of Nayarit, on the Pacific coast.


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