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Mezo and Liber are a legendary duo that conquered the Polish music scene 20 years ago. The musicians reactivated their cult number “Aniele”, which was humming all over Poland. In the “Obgadane” program, they confessed why the new song “What are your plans today?” breaks records of popularity. “Women remember the crazy years of their youth,” they said.

Mezo and Liber started their artistic activity in the mid-1990s, when they were teenagers.

The peak of their popularity was in the early 2000s. It was then that they recorded the superhit “Aniele”.

We operated strongly in the environment, in the underground, we published illegally, and the number “Aniele” threw us out of this environment, in the sense that the proverbial Mrs. Grażyna from the grocery store began to listen to us – admitted Mezo in the “Obgadane” program.

2023 marks the 20th anniversary of Meza’s release of the album “Mezokracja”, which included a song

. The artist decided to prepare a surprise for this occasion and together with Liber recorded … a new version of “Aniele”. And it was decided by chance.

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Mezo about the fans’ reaction: They remember those crazy years of youth


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The beginning of 2023 Liber tells me, as a very ambitious tennis player, that he is going to the open tournament in Florida. This proposal seems very attractive to me, but I have a four-month-old baby and a nursing wife. And I don’t have the heart to leave her for such a trivial reason. So I say to Liber: Why don’t we record something earlier, and record a music video in Florida? And this is the basic genesis of this issue – laughed Mezo in the interview.

New femininity

The piece is called “What are your plans today” and gained 2.3 million views on YouTube in 3 weeks. The girls were delighted. The older ones, but also the younger ones.

I am happy with the comments of those girls in their 40s, 30+ who write that we have reawakened this call in them that they are women, not mothers, and they have gone to such a routine of life somewhere, they only remember those crazy years again youth – admitted Mezo in an interview with Karolina Sobocińska.

Girls who used to listen to us and were 20 years old can now have a daughter at this age – added Liber.

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“The smiling man had no reason to exist”

And although now they are again at the musical peak, for years they were ridiculed, and their music was called “hiphopolo”.

A smiling man in hip-hop had no reason to exist – explained Liber in “Obgadane”.

The hatred stemmed from the fact that “nobody had seen such popularity before,” he added.

Their duo couldn’t quite figure it out either.

It’s hard to make good hip hop polo. It is associated with disco polo, so it must be shit, it must be something less valuable – said Mezo regretfully.

“She was afraid of me”

Despite touring and recording albums, and in the case of Liber – writing lyrics for other artists, the two of them remained silent for years.

It wasn’t until 2012 that they remembered about themselves by taking part in the TVP program “Bitwa na Głosy”.

Mezo in the second edition, Liber in the third.

However, the program has an amazing history.

It was there that Mezo met his beloved wife, with whom he will celebrate the 10th wedding anniversary this year.

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Did you pick up a hip-hop guy? – the presenter of “Obgadane” asked, referring to the words from the famous song “Aniele”.

Not at that time, you know, she didn’t know me at all before, and then I didn’t make an exaggerated impression on her either, I played a concert in her town, she didn’t even go to it, a girl much younger than me, 10 years younger, she was afraid of me the artist admitted with a laugh.

It was love at first sight.

Already on the second day, Jacek Mejer, because his real name is the rapper, knew that Weronika would be his wife.

I met her and the next day I said to myself: this is my future wife, this is material for my future wife. Of course, it takes two to tango, but I was so determined that I was already drilling a rock. I could wait for it for years – said Mezo in an interview.

You flew romantically, Liber interjected.

Yes, romantically, and indeed Weronika convinced me, after three months we got engaged, and after a year we got married – Mezo referred.

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