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The Latvian-based biotechnology company “Latvia MGI Tech” starts the production of gene sequencing equipment and reagents in order to export science-intensive products to the USA and European Union (EU) member states.

The company’s production center is 7,000 m2 area is located in the territory of “Airport Park”. “Latvia MGI Tech” is the production center of “MGI” in Europe, intended for international business development in the EU and the USA.

In Latvia, the company will continue to manufacture genome sequencing equipment “DNBSEQ-G400” and accompanying reagents “HotMPS” in order to increase export capacity in target markets. The “DNBSEQ-G400” sequencing machine is currently the most requested biotechnology in the company’s product portfolio and is widely used in both scientific institutes and medical diagnostic centers worldwide.

“This is an important reference point not only in the development of the company, but also in strengthening the position of the leader in the production of biotechnology in the Baltic States. One of the most modern European production centers was created thanks to intensive work and long-term investments worth about 20 million euros. Here, our energetic team will produce products of high technological complexity with growing global demand. It will help to make new discoveries in science, as well as in the fight against oncological or other serious diseases, improving early diagnostic possibilities, and thus finding the best treatment methods. We will gradually increase our production capacity, develop exports to the USA and EU countries, while simultaneously creating new jobs,” emphasizes Dr. Andis Shlaitas.

dr. Shlaitas adds that equipment alone is not enough to increase the production and use potential of biotechnology. In his view, a highly qualified and educated workforce that has mastered the specifics of biotechnology, genetics and engineering is important for wider growth.

“I am pleased to see how our Riga branch has developed from an office, logistics and customer experience center to the first production facility in Europe. We understand how important not only the technical maintenance and support function is for our partners, but also regional production and supply, so we will increase our production capacity in Europe and continue to actively cooperate with our partners in scientific projects,” says MGI Europe and Africa General Manager Dr. Yun Hou (Yong Hou).

Latvia-based “Latvia MGI Tech” not only provides work and internship opportunities, but also actively participates in local and international industry events, cooperates with universities and motivates people to start a career in exact sciences, especially in connection with biotechnology disciplines.

The company’s goal is to promote the availability of high-complexity technologies, covering the widest possible use of methods. “Latvia MGI Tech” has demonstrated its readiness to invest in the development of science and innovation production, having invested a total of more than 20 million euros in Latvia since the beginning of operations in 2019.

Publicity images are available here: https://failiem.lv/u/tsdzdfz9q

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“Latvia MGI Tech” is a subsidiary of “MGI Tech Co., Ltd.” (MGI). Founded in 2016, MGI is a global leader in life sciences innovation and now operates in more than 90 countries and regions, serving more than 2,000 customers worldwide. The goal of “MGI” is to provide effective and as accessible to the wider public as possible

“Latvia MGI Tech”

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