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It has long been said that the relationship between Mica Viciconte and Fabian Cubero does not advance. The name of Nicole Neumann He is always in the middle of this love story, which has been going on for 4 years now. A few months ago any type of relationship ended (after the divorce, the division of assets could be done), but there is something that does not flow.

All eyes go to the former Combate, and to Nicole and Cubero’s daughters, Allegra, Indiana and Sienna. And there arose “themes” pretty ugly. “They said that Mica doesn’t treat them very well and that she doesn’t feed them what Nicole wants either. There would be the two themes “, commented the usual chimneys.

Fed up with the subject, Viciconte faced the microphones and told her truth. “How is the relationship with Nicole? From day one of your relationship with Fabián it is said that your relationship with the daughters would not be so good. Carmen Barbieri was the one who slipped this issue again”, they told him in Relentless.

“I spoke with Carmen on the phone. I worked with her in Mar del Plata and she saw the relationship that I have with the daughters of Cubero and Nicole. She didn’t hurt me, but I called her and everything was fine. He apologized. Sometimes one is not very aware of the words. It has been said that I have mistreated, that my forms are not correct. But I don’t mistreat anyone, I don’t handle myself like that, and less with minors “Viciconte stated.

“I am a swimming teacher, I have taught minors and I never had a problem. I have lived with girls for 4 years. You have to be careful with those words”he insisted. After Allegra Cubero’s communion, things got “worse”. “What if I would have coffee with Nicole? My answer to that was the opposite, I fix things indoors, I don’t throw shit for others. That answer was not very nice “, Mica said.

On the controversial unanswered greeting, Mica insisted: “Yes, that day I was going to greet her and I was left with the fist. I was sitting down and I was going to greet her of course, I greeted her partner, her super loving family, all but good. I saw her, I threw her fist and put the fist in my pocket. Everything was perfect. I went, I complied. It was the girl’s communion and I was there. I don’t want to talk to take care of the minors “, stated in Intruders.

“I made my defense and it was clear, concise. Because a lot is judged, a lot is said and a reality is shown that is not. That breaks my balls. The same thing happens again, there is talk of mistreatment, or mistreatment, and It comes at a point where there is a limit. I have been in a relationship for four years and nothing ever happened. Viciconte ended up in America.

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