Michael Jackson's Exemployed confesses results to Neverland


Currently several videos or confessions have emerged thanks to the new documentary "Lettura neverland& # 39; Where are the cases of sexual abuse of Michael Jackson to minors.

And this is the case of Adrian McManus who worked for the artist in his home neverland for four years he said he found various objects and strange things that could take him to prison.

"He would have left his underwear floating in the water like that of young children, if they were not floating in the water, they were out on the floor around the hot tub, I used to find things like that," he confessed. former domestic assistant.

He also added this Michael Jackson He provoked struggles among minors for their love and attention, taking them by the hands and then kissing them.

Also, another situation that caught his eye was that he sometimes found petroleum jelly throughout the house, but especially in his room.

"There was a lot of Vaseline around neverland, much of it in Michael's room. I did not question him because he was my boss and you only do what you should do, but it seemed strange to me, "he said.

For its part, it was a strange request from singer what made him realize that Jackson was sexually abusing children frequently, because he once asked McManus for photos of naked children as part of what would be the decoration of his room.

However, he found a huge collection of VHS tapes with pornographic content between him and the little ones.

"I think they came from Michael Jackson doing inappropriate things that had to be hidden or put him in jail. I think they were sexual tapes, "he concluded.


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