Michał “Misiek” Koterski and Marcelina Leszczak are together again? They showed a photo together!

41-year-old Michał “Misiek” Koterski and 29-year-old Marcelina Leszczakwho recently spoke openly about their breakup are actively contributing to social media.

The last photo of the famous actor, however, caused a storm in the comments. There are many indications that they are back together again, and if it’s not a relationship, then their relationship has improved significantly recently.

The artist posted a family photo on Instagram, which he posed with son Fryderyk and his mother.

Followersi Michał Koterski wish him and Marcelina Leszczak happiness, but they do not hide their surprise.

No wonder, after all, it’s really hard to keep up with this couple!

Michał Koterski and Marcelina Leszczak started dating in 2016 after a spark between them after meeting in the theater. Their relationship gained momentum very quickly, and in 2017 the fruit of their love was born, son Frederick.

The couple seemed happy, however, in 2019 Michał “Misiek” Koterski and Marcelina Leszczak they were going through a serious crisis. Despite this, their feeling was strong and they couldn’t forget each other, so they decided to try again and got back together shortly after breaking up.

Unfortunately, not for long, because at the end of last year something started to go wrong between them again and in January the model confirmed that they are no longer together. It seemed like it was really the end, and the actor was even dating a colleague from the industry, Dagmara Bryzek.

This relationship did not work out, however Michał Koterski he has recently begun to be seen again with his child’s mother. Currently he and Marcelina Leszczak not only do they follow each other on Instagram, but also post photos together.

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The last photo of the artist surprised his fans, who wish them luck and suggest that it may be destiny, if they still cannot forget about themselves. “Sometimes you have to try with someone else to find out that the previous one is the only one,” they write in the comments.

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