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"I want to do less, but better", said Michel Cymes al Frames mail. After leaving the famous Health Magazine on France 5, the comedian and presenter of It will not come out of here is Medical adventures he explained that he wants to be careful to keep his feet on the ground despite the dangers of the audiovisual world. "Working with people who are also friends is a guarantee for me not to be flattering. It's a place where you're always told you're the best in the world to please you and you can get rid of the pedals"he said.

"I am very faithful. I can work only with people I trust. Most of the people I work with are my friends. (…) Same with Adriana Karembeu, today we are almost more friends with colleagues. And I need this. I can not work in the conflict"added the former actress of Marina Carrère of Encausse, concluding:"Media professions often lead you to be surrounded by flatterers. I have in mind animators rather followed by courtiers who connect and do not want it".

It is hard not to say that he refers here to Cyril Hanouna and his editorialists Do not touch my position. Last month, Michel Cymes would write to the C8 channel management to complain about the criticisms made in TPMP compared to its programs. In particular, he expressed the desire not to be mentioned in the future in the program. For several months, the famous doctor does not hide his dislike for the talk show, his host and especially Gilles Verdez, who is particularly virulent towards him.

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