Michèle Rubirola and the Spring marseille won the second round, but not the absolute majority

Michèle Rubirola, the candidate of the Spring in marseille. — Adrien Max / 20 Minutes

  • The candidate of the Spring in marseille Michèle Rubirola won the second round of the municipal to Marseille with
  • The Spring marseille wins four sectors, but does not obtain an absolute majority.
  • Martine Vassal, a Republican, has won three sectors
  • Stéphane Ravier, the candidate of the national Rally loses its sector of the 13-14.

The surprise of the first round confirms the second. And how. Michèle Rubirola, the candidate of the Spring in marseille, a grouping of left parties and citizens, has won the second round of municipal elections in
Marseille, Sunday, ahead of Martine Vassal,
the Republicans. The participation is still low with 35.25 %, compared to 32.76 % in the first round.

Broad advance for Michèle Rubirola

What a surprise ! Michèle Rubirola easily won the second round of the municipal to Marseille with approximately 40 % of the votes, front of Martine Vassal, 30 % in the last estimates. “I am delighted to be among you this evening, the city of Marseille, the rebellious and fraternal, has embarked on the path of change “, she welcomed late in the night. His teams have waited a long time for the latest results before speaking. And despite this victory, the absolute majority is not gained. “There is no clear verdict, without a doubt, the last signs of resistance to a system rejected by the people of Marseille. The victory was difficult, but she is even more beautiful. Even if the majority is related in a number of seats, which is a contradiction that is democratic, this is not a relative victory for us. It is the defeat for the right, it is no longer able to govern this town, ” she said.

Michèle Rubirola is needed widely in its sector, the 4-5, with 56.99 % of the vote, compared to 28.89 % for Bruno Gilles (DvD). Olivia Fortin even managed to win his sector of the 6-8 in the face of Martine Vassal, with 41,78 %, compared to 39.16 % in this bastion of the right, where Jean-Claude Gaudin was elected in the first round since 1995. Benoit Payan wins 2-3 with 46.2 %, followed by the Republicans, 20.95 %, and Sophie Camard the 1-7

The three sectors to Martine Vassal

Despite a second place and a defeat at the level of the city clear enough, Martine Vassal still manages to win three sectors. And, a priori, the 11-12, the sector of Julien Ravier and Valerie Boyer, in the spotlight, after suspicions of fraud to the proxy. The final results were not yet known at the end of the evening, but the trend was favourable to the candidate of the right. Lionel Royer Perreaut, won, him, the 9-10, widely enough with 43.52 %, compared to 35.19 % for the Spring of marseille. Not to mention the 13-14, the sector with the most councillors, where David Galtier bat Stéphane Ravier. “Tonight, I have not lost, this evening, there is no majority in Marseille,” said Martine Vassal at the end of the evening.

“Nothing is played”, according to Gaudin

“This second round of voting confirmed the net thrust to the left. But it did not hold true majority to clearly identify my successor at the head of our city,” responded Jean-Claude Gaudin, mayor emblematic of Marseille. According to him, “nothing is yet played for the designation of the future mayor by the city Council at the end of next week. A lot will depend on the choices of the eleven elected representatives of the lists in the minority”.

Stéphane Ravier lost its city hall area

A bitter defeat for Stéphane Ravier, candidate of the Rassemblement national in its sector of the 13-14. He loses in the face of the candidate, Martine Vassal, David Galtier, of a hair, with 50.98 % against 49.02 %. “The Republicans, the PS, BIA and the green are 52 %. We don’t have to be ashamed of this result. They won thanks to the methods foul of cheats, ” said Stéphane Ravier.

A few incidents

Several incidents have been reported throughout the day of the election. The campaign manager for Stéphane Ravier, candidate of the national Rally, Antoine Baudino asserted that a minibus suspect was circulating in the area of 13-14. “This is not a priori illegal, but when they come down, the driver or an attendant provides passenger ballots for Martine Vassal,” says Anthony Baudino. The testimony of one of the occupants was recorded in a PV. The Spring in marseille denounces the presence of a dozen activists Samia Ghali (Kvd) who intimidated voters at the polling station of the Bricarde. Requested by 20 Minutesthe police prefecture has not been able to confirm these possible incidents. A spokesperson says only that a man has been sentenced to a fine of 68 euros for tore down posters in the 6th district.

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