Michelle Obama confronts Trump in her memoirs

In this 426-page book titled "Becoming," the Chicago native tells of his lack of interest in politics and his rage for Donald Trump.

Is this an answer to those who see it one day in the White House? "I've never been a fan of politics and my experience in the last decade has not done much to change it. " It is with these words that Michelle Obama talks about her political experience, in her memoirs, which is scheduled for Tuesday, November 13, and of which Washington Post publish the good sheets.

In this 426-page book titled become (becomeThe Chicago native tells of his lack of interest in politics and his rage for Donald Trump. He does not hide the shock when he heard the recording of Donald Trump in which he claimed to be able "Capture women with cats". So he summons it "body [qui] he was trembling with rage. The wife of the former president is surprised that so many American women have voted for the "Misogynist" Trump, rather than Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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"Noisy and irresponsible insinuations"

The most striking piece of these attacks reigns against the White House tenant? Not her "Never forgive" the controversy over her husband's birthplace. The billionaire from New York is one of those who has repeatedly suggested that the former Chicago senator was born in Kenya and not in the United States. has been "Crazy and petty, of course, sectarianism and xenophobia are barely hidden", faces the first black First Lady in American history.

"What if someone who is unstable buys a gun and comes to Washington, and if this person attacked our girls?" Donald Trump, with his noisy and irresponsible insinuations, has endangered my family, and for that, I will never forgive him.. "

The Republican president's response was not slow. "Michelle Obama has been paid a lot for writing a book and they always insist that she leaves controversy"he told journalists before flying to France to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War.

"The biological clock is real"

Michelle Obama, 54, is also involved in her personal life, including her abortion, about twenty years ago. "It was as if I had failed, I did not know abortions were so common because we do not talk about them"said the fifty-year-old in excerpts from an interview on the ABC channel to present his book. "We are confronted with our pain, thinking, in a sense, that we are broken. " And the wife of 44is President of the United States to add: "This is one of the reasons why I think it is important to tell young mothers that abortions occur. "

In his book, he also says that their two daughters, Malia, 20 and Sasha, 17, were born through fertilization. in vitro. "The biological clock is real", "Because egg production is limited"she says ABC. "I understood when I was 34 and 35. We had to ask for fertilization in vitro. "

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