Michelle Yeoh of Star Trek Discovery in Talks to repropose her role in the Spinoff series


Michelle Yeoh is in talks to resume her role as Emperor Georgiou on his own Star Trek series. Launch of CBS All Access Star Trek: Discovery last year and they are moving quickly to expand the universe. If an agreement can be reached, the first spinoff will be led by Yeoh.

Yeoh was an important member of the cast of Star Trek: Discovery during the first season alongside Sonequa Martin-Green, Jason Isaacs and Anthony Rapp. As commander of the USS Shenzhou, captain Philippa Georgiou led the ship with a steady hand until he was killed. However, Yeoh was able to stay on the show due to the dual role. It was revealed in the first season of the show that the Mirror Universe Emperor is Georgiou, allowing Yeoh to play a completely different version of his character. It is this version of Georgiou that will return for the second season of Star Trek: discoverybut the universe is now trying to expand the role of Yeoh even more.

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Deadline revealed that Michelle Yeoh is in the first talks with CBS All Access to act in an independent series of Georgiou. A similar spinoff is still in the early stages of development and its involvement mainly depends on whether the Yeoh program allows it to act. Along with a series of projects that Yeoh has in the pipeline, as well as the follow up of Crazy Asian people, time restrictions can hinder the safety of a leading role in a new series. That said, if an agreement can be made quickly, then this spin-spin could actually happen.

As revealed in a scene canceled from the first season of Star Trek: discovery, Emperor Georgiou has received an invitation to join the mysterious organization Section 31. This secret fleet of Starfleet is their operation at the black operational level and has been teased on several occasions to work in the shadows of the Inside of Star Trek: discovery. The report states that a spin-off led by Yeoh will probably focus on events that revolve around Section 31 following any other second-season story discovery has in store for them.

Although the spinoff has yet to be officially confirmed, CBS All Access has confirmed before this news that will consider spin-off for each Star Trek: discovery character. That said, even if the streaming service does not follow the Yeoh spinoff with Georgiou and Section 31, the Star Trek the universe will still be able to expand through Patrick Stewart's return as Captain Jean-Luc Picard for his new series. Although his spinoff has no release date at the moment, Stewart is currently busy preparing the series. Meanwhile, while CBS All Access tries to get Yeoh for a new series, fans will have to tune in for the new season Star Trek: Discovery to see how it could create a spinoff.

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Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery previews of 17 January 2019 on CBS All Access

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