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married at first sightThe flame was destroyed during the so-called couples weekend of the well-watched RTL4 program Married at First Sight. Not only Mick and Daisy are heading for a divorce, the couples Rein and Danny, Bert and Suzan and Lizzy and Lars are – to say the least – not going well either.

“A number of couples are struggling with serious relationship problems. The last mile is clearly the hardest, ” said host Carlo Boszhard tonight in front of the gates of the villa where the candidates reside. Not only do the couples see each other there for the first time, Carlo and the team of experts are also present at the recordings. “We hope that they will share their stories and that they recognize a lot in it,” said psychologist Tila Pronk.

Bert and Suzan kick off. Where Suzan is reasonably at ease, Bert’s tension can be seen in his face. Suzan is annoyed with her husband and she simply cannot fall in love with him. “Once a wall was built somewhere and it never went down at Suus. When she no longer wanted to meet after living together, the door closed a lot for me. Now it is ready, ” said Bert. Although there was never a fight, Bert regrets that his wife did not want to see him again.

Daisy and Mick seemed like the ideal couple on paper, but the blonde Amsterdam woman soon discovered that she couldn’t get any further with him. “He showed no interest. Didn’t ask questions, he’d rather watch me throw the bags in the car than help. ”Mick couldn’t handle her ‘pace’, he admitted. “I saw a lady who did everything so quickly, before I could ask anything at all, the suitcase was already in the car. I saw that she was hurt about my commitment … That may not be the right words, but it is about me. “Daisy immediately makes it clear:” I was comfortable, but you were not! So how can you say I was uncomfortable? ”


He showed no interest



Carlo notices pent-up anger. “No, I am disappointed. That I’ve put so much time into it, and it’s just gone. We said yes to each other, and we went on vacation, and that was it. If I literally break my ankle in front of you, and someone says ‘I’m really not going to touch you now, you know’ … Even if I was a stranger, he could help me? It’s about decency. “” Mick turns red and bites his tongue. “I’m uncomfortable now, yes. I do get angry. I don’t think I did anything wrong in those four hours, and walked through the squares to arrange everything … “” Daisy has no regrets that she participated, Mick “now”.

It is better with Aron and Monique, who are still in love and are happy to share images of their wedding and honeymoon to Austria on Instagram. The young Lizzy and police officer Lars seemed to be in the air for a long time. But Lizzy is unsure. “I want to see her much more often than she wants to see me. Then there are struggles, ” says Lars. Sylvia, who previously distanced Fred consciously from her match, hopes to have the solution. “Just pull out the plug. That little bomb you had, clearing the smoke, you see things from a different perspective. “” But Lizzy can’t honestly say she’s really in love. “I want to feel that too, miss him, but that’s not there now. So I’m not going to say that either. ”

Things are going well between Aron and Monique. © RTL

After living together with Rein, ‘something snapped’. “That made me think. I heard he did nice things with friends, but where am I in this story? “” What Danny finds difficult is his husband’s lack of clarity. “I don’t see the signals that way.”

When the intensity of the day is over, Lars, Lizzy, Suzan, Bert, Rein, Danny, Mick and Daisy dive into the jacuzzi. When Danny makes a smart comment, Rein intervenes. “Can you shut that mouth of yours?” “I have no mouth, I have a mouth”, Danny snarls back. ,,I struggle with the fact that Rein seeks the foreground so strongly, ” Danny concludes in front of the camera. “I have trouble with him correcting me. A jacuzzi will destroy more than you would like. ”

Tomorrow, in the denouement of the sixth season, it will become clear who stays married to whom. Married at First Sight has produced two successful couples so far. Bram and Patty from season 1 and Chantal en Nikolai from the second series.

Rein and Danny get words in the jacuzzi. © RTL

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