Micro alarm system that nobody knows: Google apologizes


It is logical to install a microphone in an alarm system. However, not informing users that their device is able to listen to protect their four walls can cause privacy concerns and concerns. This is exactly what users of the Google Nest Secure alarm system are facing now: it has a microphone that no one knew.

An alarm system with a microphone that nobody knows

Years ago, Nest brought Google aboard hardware-related hardware specialist, and Nest Secure also offers an alarm system solution. As reported now, it has now been revealed that a microphone is installed in the hardware of the system's control unit, of which Google was previously unknown. This was only noticed when Google announced features related to the Google Assistant, which are only possible if there is a microphone in the hardware.

Upon request, Google has therefore confirmed to the Android Authority that the Nest Control Center has a microphone that is not mentioned in the product description and in the technical documentation. As stated by Google, the microphone has been disabled since Nest Secure was shipped. The company emphasizes that it has integrated the microphone to provide planned features at a later time via software updates. Recently announced Google Assistant features make voice commands as simple as a smartphone.

Bad communication is the fault

The company admits to Business Insider that the communication of product information has proven to be less sensitive: "The microphone, which was integrated into the device, had never been kept secret intentionally and should have been listed in the technical documentation was an error from our part, "said a company spokesperson. Google strives to emphasize that user privacy is still guaranteed: "The microphone has never been activated and will only be activated if users explicitly choose this option."
Google, Alarm, Nest, Alarm, Nest Secure
Google, Alarm, Nest, Alarm, Nest Secure



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