"Microbial" organisms in the intestine balance their protection against obesity and diabetes

Microbiotic organisms in the intestine protect against obesity and Scrippa Nat disease Published in Bab Nat on 10-11-2018 The head of the Tunisian Society of Nutritional Sciences, Jamousi Khamoussi, revealed in a media statement Saturday Hammamet that the microbiotic balance of harmful organisms The selection of "microbiotics and non-communicable diseases" is at the center of the fifth conference of the Tunisian Society of Nutrition Sciences, held in Hammamet in the presence of 250 specialists and T experts from France, Belgium, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria confirm the importance of the provisions concerning these organisms and achieve a balance between harmful and beneficial Almikrubiot to prevent diseases. He stressed that giving the scientific importance needed to study the "microbiot" is highlighted in light of the spread of many health problems in Tunisia, including in particular obesity, which amounts to 27% and diabetes at the 15%, considering that these rates remain high and work to reduce them by adopting eating behaviors Sound and balanced He stressed that achieving the balance of "microbiot" is based on a balanced diet, which is nutrition in which all the ingredients of proper food, especially vegetables and grains, which contain fibers that protect against many diseases. According to the same spokesperson, a team in Tunisia at the Pasteur Institute conducted new research in collaboration with the National Institute of Nutrition, which was interested in "microbiotics" in a sample of Tunisians with diabetes and individuals who did not they have the disease. He stressed that this research showed in particular the imbalance of "microbiotic" in diabetics due to the reduction in the proportion of beneficial organisms in the intestine. And he highlighted the need for safe and safe preventive behaviors from pregnancy, in which the mother is required to eat integrated foods available on vegetables and cereals. Click here to read the news from its source.

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