Microsoft announces event for suspected Surface product announcement – Sound and Vision – News

It went well for 6 generations.

So you mean you’re not happy that the keyboard from 6 generations back only works with all devices up to the previous generation? How many tablets do you know where the accessories continue to last for more than 6 generations (over 7.5 years)? The Surface Pro 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 7+ all support the same keyboard, heck, the Surface Pro 1 and 2 too, only the format for those devices is wrong. They’ve already released the 7+ as a sort of “stop gap” release to support those accessories even longer.

That said, the Type Cover system of the current Surface Pros also lasts for 3 years (8, X, X gen 2) and in all likelihood it will stick around for a while. And by the time the need arises again to change the size and possibly the connections, they will probably release a Plus device again.

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