Microsoft announces record bookings on Xbox Series X and S and promises more units

Demand for Xbox Series X y Xbox Series S it has broken records. At least, that is how Microsoft has announced it through the official Xbox Twitter account. Reservations are They opened this Tuesday, September 22 in different territories in a staggered manner; in Spain the reservation campaign began at 9:00 in the main stores in the country.

“We’re overwhelmed by demand for Xbox Series X and S that has broken records “, they say from the Xbox Twitter.” Thank you very much everyone for the enthusiasm. ” Xbox Series X has sold out on the official website, in the main online stores and video game store chains in Spain, although there are (at the time of writing this news) in Carrefour. Xbox Series S still available at the main national distributors.

In U.S Reservations opened at 8:00 PT, 5:00 PM in Spain. The process was perceived more chaotic in the North American country. The online store of the main video game store chain, GameStop, it crashed and introduced a poster on the cover of its website asking users not to update the page.

Other stores, such as Best Buy and the Microsoft Store itself, also had problems: some customers saw how, when I finally loaded the page, the Xbox Series X | S consoles were already sold out. “If you were unsuccessful today check out the stores for updates, and expect more consoles to be available on November 10“.

In the United States, Xbox One X sales, Microsoft’s intergenerational console, skyrocketed 747%, reportedly due to buyer confusion between the current machine name and the upcoming Xbox Series X. In a post about the launch of Destiny 2 on Xbox Game Pass from the official blog Xbox Wire I know called the new console “Xbox One Series X” by mistake.

Xbox Series X | S hitting stores on November 10

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S hitting stores on November 10 with a price of 499 and 299 respectively. You can know the differences between both in our comparison.


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