Microsoft announces the release of the first public preview of .NET Core 3 and the open source transition of the "Windows Desktop" frameworks –


We are holding a recently released blog post from the Redmond company: the first public version of .NET Core 3 is available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux. The new agreement with the availability of the first version of Visual Studio 2019 of the integrated development environment that Tech glove. is presented with the support of the new version of .NET Core.

There is no need to consult the .Net Core 3 release notes to find out what this release has in the stomach. Last October, Microsoft released the word on the objectives pursued. So far, the Redmond company has released .NET Core without support for a user interface framework, this to allow for opening on Linux and Mac platforms. With .NET Core 3, the Redmond company comes to respond to a request formulated by the developers: the possibility of using the structure to develop office applications. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Forms and Entity Framework 6 (EF6) are now supported to allow the development of such applications on Windows. note that Microsoft has chosen the separate patch (Desktop Pack) to associate these specific Windows components with the .Net Core 3 framework.

In the keynote connects these developments, the Tech glove. He explained that one of the main advantages is to enable .NET Core updates without the need to update the operating system.

However, the main interest of .NET Core is multiplatform and if we add a user interface management framework, it must be able to run on multiple platforms. The Redmond firm could have a solution to get around this obstacle. In addition to announcing the availability of .Net Core 3, it is worth noting that the company publishes Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Form and WinUI in open source. Since November 2014, it has collected about 60,000 submissions from 3,700 entities for the .NET framework. After this last maneuver, we should see proposals to bring these components to Linux and Mac.

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