Microsoft backtracks with one of its most controversial features | Technology

One of the latest updates that Microsoft has made to Windows 10 has sparked such controversy that the company has slowed down its plans.

If you are a Windows 10 user, it is likely that in the last few days you have had to restart your computer on at least one occasion for the operating system to install a new update. However, as usual, you will not have noticed the novelty they have implemented, but this It has been at least controversial, so much so that they have stopped their advance.

This latest Windows 10 update opened the door for unwanted web applications were installed by Microsoft on the computer and the Start Menu to mark them as shortcuts to be would open via Microsoft Edge.

This novelty, which was soon noticed by specialists, was described as an error by Microsoft and, after a few days of controversy since last Saturday, it looks like from reverse.

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But Windows 10 update has opened a debate which have been echoed in The Verge about the accesses that Microsoft has to our computers and to what extent they are normal.

The questions thrown are very interesting, such as, for example, why Microsoft modifies our Start Menu to display advertising and change the configuration we already have or why turn on Microsoft Edge as your primary option for some applications instead of the browser that we already use by default.

To all this we should add the doubt about whether Microsoft has the right to show us advertising and activate its own applications that it wants to promote on our computers, and also that it requires a restart to do so. But all these questions have an answer that users will surely not like.

For now it seems that Microsoft is not going to continue with the update. Now we will see if he backs down or if he just leaves the teams as is. The controversy that arose with this movement of the company has caused some questions to be rethought.

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