Microsoft brings bluetooth mouse made of marine plastic

By the year 2030, Microsoft not only wants to be CO2-neutral, but even Become CO2 negative
. A small contribution to the ambitious goal is now to be made by a computer accessory that is part of the Presentation of the new Surface products
(Duo, Go 3, Pro 8 and Laptop Studio) unfortunately went down a bit.

Sea plastic bluetooth mouse

Specifically, it is about the so-called Ocean Plastic Mouse. According to Microsoft, the Bluetooth device is the first computer mouse made from marine plastic. In cooperation with the company SABIC A resin was developed for this purpose, which consists of 20 percent recycled plastic obtained from the sea.

Packaging too

Likewise, the packaging is 100 percent recyclable, environmentally friendly and made without single-use plastic, according to Microsoft. In this country, the eco mouse should be available in the Microsoft Store from October 5, 2021. They will also be available exclusively from from the start of sales until the end of the year.

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