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Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox Series S will be released on November 10th. The manufacturer previously confirmed the price of 299 euros. The Xbox Series X will probably be released on the same day, but the manufacturer does not mention that yet.

Microsoft has put a promotional video online in which some specifications of the Xbox Series S are released. The same video was leaked on Tuesday afternoon, after some screenshots appeared online on Tuesday morning. The video states that the Xbox Series S will be available on November 10. The price of 299 dollars was already mentioned and Microsoft Netherlands confirms that it is a suggested retail price of 299 euros in the Netherlands.

According to the video, the Xbox Series S is intended for gaming in a 1440p resolution and the consoles achieves frame rates of up to 120fps. This will not apply to all games and will not always be achievable at the highest resolution. The Series S can upscale games to a 4k resolution.

Microsoft says nothing about the CPU and GPU in the console. According to previous rumors, the cheaper new Xbox has the same octacore processor as the Series X, but the GPU is much less powerful. The computing power would be 4 Teraflops; that is one third of the computing power that the GPU in the Series X has.

Because the Series S is made for gaming in lower resolutions, it also requires less computing power. The new console does have a fast SSD, although with 512GB it is smaller than the 1TB version in the Series X. The Xbox Series S is also based on the same GPU architecture, which means that there is support for hardware ray tracing.

The Xbox Series S is the smallest Xbox console to date. The cheap next-gen console doesn’t have a disc tray; games must be purchased digitally. Sony also comes with a version of the Playstation 5 without a disc tray, but the price is not yet known. The PS5 variant is also just as powerful as the model with disc tray.

Console Xbox Series X Xbox Series S
Processor 8 custom Zen 2-cores met smt Presumably the same as Series X
CPU speed 3,8GHz (3,66GHz met smt) Presumably the same as Series X
Bulletin 1TB, custom nvme-ssd, pci-e 4.0 512GB, custom nvme-ssd, pci-e 4.0
Gpu 52 cu’s @ 1825MHz Not yet known
GPU architecture Custom RDNA 2 Custom RDNA 2
GPU computing power 12,15Tflops Presumably 4Tflops
Memory 16GB gddr6, 320bit Not yet known
Discdrive Me, blu-ray No
MSRP Presumably 499 euros 299 euro
Release date Presumably November 10th 10 november

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