Microsoft Edge Debuts New and Expected Features

It is indisputable that Microsoft has put all the meat on the grill with Microsoft Edge Chromium, its renewed and increasingly remarkable web browser. And, as I have already commented on some occasion before, I believe that the right path is to put aside proprietary technologies and, instead, adopt Chromium to, from it, build an ecosystem of functions and services that manages to attract users. The browser wars as it always should be.

In this new policy, the Redmond they haven’t stopped adding new features to Microsoft Edge, some of which do not catch us by surprise, since we have already heard about them in the test version, or because their deployment is progressive, that is, it gradually reaches users, instead of activating immediate way for all of them. This is common both for performance tests and to check the volume of resources that will be required to service them.

Such has been the case with Microsoft Edge tab and history syncing, a feature that Microsoft began rolling out just over two weeks ago, but was only available to some users at the time. Today we know, by Softpedia, and we have been able to verify that the feature is now available to all users of the most up-to-date version of the browser. Thus, where before we read «!Soon! We will activate it as soon as it is ready«, Now we have the possibility to activate this synchronization:

With this change, Microsoft delves into a paradigm in which several companies have been working for years, and which is none other than that of deliver a more unified experience across devices that, among other things, allows you to quickly change from one to another, taking up what was being done in the first. It is what Apple groups in Continuity and what cloud services, such as Microsoft 365 already offer us. And since the browser is one of the programs most used by most users, this complete synchronization of Microsoft Edge is a breakthrough and a success.

Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Outlook integration

On the other hand, Microsoft is also working on creating a tighter integration between your web browser and your email client. This feature is not yet available, but according to the blog, at the end of this month it will be possible to access the inbox directly from the new Microsoft Edge tabs.

For this to work, yes, it will be necessary to previously configure the integration between Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Outlook and, of course, use the same account for both applications. This leaves us in doubt, of course, what will happen if the user has several email accounts configured in Outlook, that is, if it will be possible to access the inbox of all of them from Microsoft Edge or, on the contrary, this function it will only be available for the account configured in the two programs.

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