Technology Microsoft Edge: Vertical tabs and new security features introduced

Microsoft Edge: Vertical tabs and new security features introduced

Although Microsoft is not currently releasing stable updates for the new Chromium-based Edge browser, the Redmond company has announced some new features. In the future, the browser will have vertical tabs and new security features, among other things.

The biggest innovation is likely to be vertical tabs. All open pages can be displayed on the left edge of the browser. As Microsoft describes in a separate blog entry, this display is clearer if many tabs are open at the same time. In the display above the address bar, the headings of the opened pages may be cut off and therefore only partially displayed.

InPrivate window with Bing search

There is also an innovation in the area of ​​security. As soon as a search is started via the address bar in an InPrivate window, the information entered is sent to Bing. However, the results are no longer linked to the user’s surfing behavior, so previous searches are no longer taken into account. In addition, there will be a password monitor in the future. This checks whether the login data used has already been affected by a data leak.

The immersive reader is to be expanded by some functions. In addition, Edge users will be able to use a smart copy content feature in the future. A copied text retains its original formatting and all embedded images.

When the new functions will be installed in the Edge browser is currently still unclear. Some innovations may be found in the Insider versions in the coming weeks and months before the features are integrated into a final version.

Download Microsoft Edge: Chromium-based browser

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