Microsoft finally admits .NET framework has issues on Windows 11: will work to fix | XFastest News

Many Win11 users have been more or less aware that Microsoft’s own .NET framework and this new system seem to be somewhat incompatible.

Previously, Microsoft thought that the compatibility of .NET was a problem and had specially updated and maintained Win11, but now, a large number of users who use Visual Studio 2022 have reported that the latest Win11 version has compatibility problems related to .NET.

At the same time, this problem does not only exist in Visual Studio, but all applications based on the .NET framework environment have problems.

Judging from user feedback, this problem will cause high CPU usage (90-100%), which will slow down the entire system and cause applications to not work properly.

Fortunately, Microsoft has now finally acknowledged the existence of this problem and confirmed that the problem comes from the Windows 11 Beta Channel.

At present, Microsoft said that the corresponding fixes have been deployed and will be officially launched soon.


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