Microsoft Flight Simulator reviewed for Xbox One, not Series X

Aircraft enthusiasts have no new ones for 15 years Microsoft Flight Simulator had to do, but the next-gen version finally came out in August 2020. In our review the game also received a beautiful 9. The game was initially released for the PC, but is scheduled to be released this summer for the Xbox Series X and S.

We therefore have to wait for an official assessment from the Pan European Game Information body, better known as PEGI. Before a game can appear on the market, it must first be approved. Microsoft Flight Simulator is now reappeared on the PEGI website, but remarkably an Xbox One version and not for the Xbox Series X and S.

Xbox One version for Microsoft Flight Simulator?

It is all the more surprising, since Microsoft has not announced a version for the Xbox One at all and the release date is March 31, 2021. That date has already passed, but a new version of Microsoft Flight Simulator has not yet been released. It may therefore be an error on the PEGI website.

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