Microsoft has entered the top five largest computer manufacturers in the United States thanks to Surface


For the first time, Microsoft has entered the top five largest IT device manufacturers in the United States, including desktop computer systems, laptops and ultrabooks. According to the research firm Gartner, Microsoft currently has a 4.1% share of the US computer market, ranking in fifth place, beating Acer. This result was achieved thanks to the devices of the Surface series. It does not pose a major threat to the fourth company with a 13.7% share of the Apple market, but it is a great success for a company whose results have been previously mentioned in the "Other" category.

Although Microsoft is now among the top five of the largest producers in the US market, in order to assume the same position in the global market, will have to engage a lot, especially because Acer and ASUS are committed to this. The undisputed leader in the global market, as noted by the research companies Gartner and IDC, is Lenovo.

HP and Dell have slightly increased their share compared to last year, Apple and ASUS have refused shipments, and Acer results depend on who made the calculations. Gartner does not accept accounting machines on Chrome OS, unlike IDC.

Despite the unity in determining the market leader, business analysts have differed in the assessment of the volume of IT supplies in general. Gartner argues that IT provision in the third quarter of 2018 has increased by 0.1% over the same period last year, while IDC believes that shipments have fallen by 0.9%.

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