Microsoft has opened a virtual Xbox museum to celebrate the console’s 20 years

Xbox is known to turn 20 in 2021, and Microsoft is celebrating with both pomp and splendor. The company has now followed up the big birthday celebration earlier in November with the opening of an interactive Xbox museum that players can explore online.

These have not only been highlights for the Xbox.


The Xbox 20th Anniversary Museum is available through the Xbox website. Here you can relive highlights from the life of Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and the entire Halo series.

By guiding your character through the museum, you can both read about and watch videos from launches of the various consoles and various games. Here you will also find details about the slightly more unfortunate moments from the Xbox story.

Microsoft, for example, has included a separate section for the infamous “red ring of death”. This was the failure that took the lives of countless Xbox 360 computers, and ended up with Microsoft spending over a billion dollars on repairing corrupted consoles.

Furthermore, the museum offers a separate department dedicated to each player. By logging in, you can see a chunk of statistics, such as the date you logged in to an Xbox console for the first time and the games you spent the most time on.

What was the first Xbox game you played?

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