Microsoft Helps Remove Dangerous Russian Malware Ahead of US Elections | Ransomware

He ransomware is a latent for the next american elections, several experts warn that this powerful virus can infect a system used to maintain voter list or inform about results on election night, all in order to sow chaos and mistrust.

Microsoft took legal steps to dismantle one of the largest botnets in the world, in this way it seeks to stop the actions of hackers who might be planning something big in the next election in United States.

This disrupted botnet represents a “theoretical, but real” threat to integrate and launch ransomware attacks, in which the data is they encrypt and is only released if they perform a payment.

Microsoft, hand in hand with security companies including ESET, Black Lotus Labs, NTT and others, managed to interrupt Trick bot. The Windows maker company got a court order and applied a “technical action” to prevent the botnet from being a nest of ransomware.

The court order allowed Microsoft disable the IP addresses for command and control servers Trick bot, suspend services to operators, make the content of the server inaccessible and block operators from buying or leasing more servers. In addition to this, Microsoft made copyright claims against Trick bot to do “malicious use” of the company code.

Microsoft was concerned that Trick bot will be used to disrupt the impending US elections. This dismantling could also help thwart kidnapping attempts of bank accounts and threaten companies or institutions with ransomware, a computer virus that causes death of a patient in a hospital.

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