Microsoft introduces a chat API to monetize AI-powered chat experiences

Microsoft launched an API of ads for chats with the objective that sites and applications can personalize your chat experience and publish ads through this communication channel.

The tech giant’s idea is that publishers, apps and online services can monetize chat and innovate their own engaging experiences. According to this, it would be a great opportunity for developers, since Bing, powered by AI, launched in February, has a little more than 100 million daily active users.

“While the industry-changing power of generative AI is indisputable, it is important to reflect on how its value is distributed across the ecosystem,” Microsoft says.

Also, he reports through his blog that they have designed “a solution that gives publishers, applications and online services the flexibility to customize their experience with ads and create more economic value through their investments in chat.”

Developers will have the ability to choose the ad formats they believe are optimal for their audience in a way that feels natural to their native experience. “Our chat ads API can serve ads on chat platforms from Microsoft or other companies,” she explains.

The API gives publishers who integrate chat into their site or app the opportunity to monetize using learnings from Microsoft Advertising on how to serve relevant ads in chat.

Kya Sainsbury-Carter, corporate vice president of Microsoft Advertising, said the goal is to focus with “publishers on the monetization piece and be the experts there, and bring to the table what’s going to be best for their audiences and create the best experiences.” in general”.

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