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There are already many rumors about the future game console for Sony PlayStation 5, but until now its main competitor, the next-generation Microsoft Xbox platform, has not been known until today. Brad Sams, executive director of, a well-known credible leak publisher on Microsoft products, shared the first information on the characteristics of the future Xbox.

It is reported that the new console, named in code Xbox Scarlett, will be released in 2020. Approximately the same release dates are expected from the PlayStation 5, so, as in the case of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the new consoles will be released to the 39, approximately in the same period. The heart of Microsoft's new products will be based on the Zen 2 processor architecture and the graphics processor with the "new generation" architecture. What is hidden exactly under this formulation is not yet clear. Most likely, this AMD Navi graphics, but perhaps something more recent.

The goal of Microsoft is to create a console that can provide 60 frame / s performance with 4K resolution (3840 × 2160 pixels). In fact, Sony sets a similar goal for the new console. From the point of view of "hardware", the new products of both manufacturers will be very close: the PlayStation 5 optimizes the eight-core Zen 2 processor and the Navi graphics.

Note that Xbox Scarlett will probably not be the only new generation Microsoft gaming console. It is said that the Redmond company also plans to release a budget model that will run games in the cloud, based on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure. It is also expected to expand digital distribution and changes in the Microsoft Store.

Of course, all this is so far only unconfirmed rumors, therefore, it is necessary to treat them accordingly. However, if the Xbox Scarlett is really scheduled for release in 2020, Microsoft could announce it relatively soon, for example, at the E3 2019 fair next summer. The same Xbox One X was announced a year and a half before the release.

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