Microsoft keeps installing apps without permission in Windows 10

Just a couple of days ago we published an extensive article on automatic installation of Office progressive web apps on Windows 10. An article whose reading I recommend, if you have not gone through it yet, because although the start is given by the striking movement of Microsoft, the bottom of it is about the technology behind these types of applications, increasingly common throughout the arc of PC and mobile operating systems.

In broad strokes, the article explains how “Microsoft is testing progressive web applications for the Office suite from its new Edge Canary browser. The test (automatic installation without user intervention) is being conducted selectively for a group of testers from the Windows 10 Insider channel. This is how he introduces the matter, to quickly move on to the most interesting, which is the technology of these web applications.

It is interesting, because the great application developments are taking place there, on the web, and it is not a minor trend. Although for performance and integration reasons, native applications are still the best option, many developers are moving to the cloud, for the simple reason that it costs less to create and maintain applications for a single platform, than to do it for several; And web technologies are constantly advancing.

I think it’s important to aim for the bottom, because that’s where the bottom line is. However, the article pointed out a fact that is much less anecdotal than was implied, and it is that the installation of these applications is not happening only through the Insider channel or Microsoft Edge Canary, but on normal Windows 10 with normal Microsoft Edge, as reported by numerous media and users throughout the Internet.

The ‘crime’ test | Image: Sean Hollister / The Verge

And what is worse: these are forced updates, which you can not escape and that Microsoft implemented to get system security patches to users as soon as possible, but which now uses to install applications that no one has requested, without even giving the opportunity to reject them. They are the same bad arts they used to ‘promote’ the new Edge and that show that Microsoft still not doing things right.

It should be noted that progressive web applications hardly take up disk space, since they basically consist of direct links to the web applications that the browser on duty opens in independent instances, but have the system ask to reboot to install this It is more bloody if possible, not to say that it is the most shabby, as well as intrusive.

In The Verge qualify it as “the most recent proof that you do not own your Windows 10 computer” and they are right, although to be fair, if you are using Windows 10, surely you have had to accept the terms of use, with which Microsoft takes cover to continue doing this kind of outrage. So don’t blame me for ending this post recommending Linux, because… This doesn’t happen with Linux (and you can still use Office online).

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