Microsoft may launch a new Xbox Series X that is smaller and more power efficient to meet the needs of cloud streaming games #playstation (175630)

In addition to Microsoft, there are also rumors in the market that Sony intends to launch a smaller PlayStation 5, just like the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in the past to launch smaller and more power-efficient thin and light models.

Thurrott website authorBrad SamsIt was revealed that Microsoft plans to create a new processor that is smaller and more power-efficient, which will be applied to the new Xbox Series X.

However, Microsoft has not responded to such claims, but from the past development history of Xbox game consoles, Microsoft has adopted a processor design with advanced process technology in the update process of Xbox 360 and Xbox One models, so as to make subsequent updates to the console change. It is smaller and saves more power. Therefore, in line with AMD’s processor process technology, the subsequent update of the Xbox Series X is expected to have the same development model.

Prior to this, there were actually market rumors that Microsoft intends to build a smaller Xbox game console to meet the needs of cloud streaming games, and may even reduce the volume of the console to the size of a TV box, so that users can easily It can be used in conjunction with the screen, and can even be used with you wherever you go.

In addition to Microsoft, the market is also rumored that Sony intends to launchSmaller PlayStation 5as in the past, in the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 periods, smaller and more power-saving thin and light models were launched in the follow-up.

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