Microsoft overhauls its Surface range including Pro

During a dedicated virtual conference, Microsoft has renewed its Surface range with finally a real overhaul of the Surface Pro and the introduction of an ultra powerful Laptop Studio. What initiate a wave of PC renewal with the arrival of Windows 11?

Under very serious security pretexts but with well-established marketing side effects, Windows 11 – which will be released on October 5 – will not be able to be installed on PCs four years and older. Enough to engage millions of users in a process of renewing their equipment not very ecological but sometimes necessary. All PC builders are preparing for it. And Microsoft also intends to take advantage of it with its Surface range.

It is true that Surface has a close relationship with Windows. The first Microsoft tablets were introduced at the same time as Windows 8 and were to pave the way for a new generation of PCs.

Likewise, Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and Surface Studio were launched to set Windows 10 to music. Again, these machines obviously hoped to appeal to a wealthy and creative audience but also sought to inspire other manufacturers to boost the PC market and move away from traditional designs.

Since then, Surface has also become a real business for Microsoft. Much less innovative, the Surface Laptop and Surface Laptop Go are certainly beautiful machines but openly walk on the platforms of other manufacturers.

The arrival of Windows 11 is therefore an opportunity for Microsoft to return to innovation and to offer new models that have been significantly redesigned, in order to support the new OS for which they have obviously been specially designed. All these new models will be released on the same day as Windows 11, October 5, and will be preinstalled with the new system.

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The most important announcement for the market is undoubtedly that of the new Surface Pro 8. Let’s be frank, since Surface Pro 4, Microsoft had not made such a profound redesign of its flagship model. Very very inspired by the Surface Pro X (the tablet under ARM), la Surface Pro 8 abandons its angular shapes in favor of a rounded design with a beautiful almost borderless screen that instantly gives it a much more modern look. Another flagship novelty, two Thunderbolt 4 ports (USB 4 / USB-C compatible) are also emerging. This was a clear user request for almost two years, but so far ignored. By the way, note that the machine still has the Surface Connect port (used in particular for charging) and therefore remains compatible with existing peripherals.

Like Surface Pro X, we also find on this Surface Pro 8, a keyboard with a magnetic notch-holder to accommodate a stylus which is brand new. Called Surface Slim Pen 2, this new stylus is the most precise ever offered by Microsoft. Corn, above all, it incorporates haptic feedback to give the user the feeling of writing on paper. A real game-changing innovation for anyone who creates or writes with a stylus. The latter is battery-powered and recharges without contact by placing it on the location provided for its accommodation in the keyboard.

The Surface Pro 8 is powered by 11 Intel Core i5 / i7 processorsth generation with their Intel Xe GPU much faster and more fun than previous generations. However its autonomy is greatly increased: 16 hours.
It is equipped with a new 1080p front webcam with image processing by AI to ensure optimal colorimetry and lighting of your face.
The screen with a resolution of 2880 x 1920 pixels benefits from a 120 Hz refresh and D’automatic adjustment of not only brightness but also colors depending on the ambient light.

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