Microsoft prepares a redesigned floating start menu for Windows 10

MADRID, 15 Feb. (Portaltic/EP) –

Microsoft is currently working on a redesign of your Windows 10 operating system in which the novelties in the Start Menu, which happens to adopt an aspect of floating menu with rounded corners.

This is how the portal has collected it Windows Latest, that you have accessed information about the new design of Windows 10, which is currently in development and is expected to be introduced in the October update this year of the system.

The new design, known for the codename ‘Sun Valley’, was unveiled last summer and seeks to achieve a visual rejuvenation of Windows 10 by using elements of Microsoft’s Fluent Design and the WinUI language.

These changes that Microsoft is working on would be introduced in important components of the operating system interface, such as the action center, texts and start menu.

According to a recreation made by Windows Latest based on the information that is known so far about Sun Valley, the Windows 10 start menu will borrow a feature from Windows 10X (the version of Windows 10 designed for the flexibility of the cloud) as is the floating layout, with the menu slightly separated from the lower task bar.

The new Windows 10 Sun Valley start menu too will introduce rounded edges, and the radius of these borders cannot be customized, nor can the floating layout of the start menu be disabled.

Microsoft is expected to finalize the Sun Valley design in June, and this update will also affect other native system applications such as alarms and clock, email and calendar.

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