Microsoft presents new laptops and smartphones with dual display

Surface duo

It is still a prototype: With the Surface Duo, Microsoft would return to the smartphone market.

(Photo: AFP)

new York Microsoft announced new devices from his Surface series in New York on Wednesday. In addition to the successor models Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3, the company also brings a mobile device with LTE modem in the trade with Surface Pro X. As a prototype, the software manufacturer also presented a tablet with Surface Neo and a smartphone with a double foldable display with Surface Duo.

In the smartphone, you have close with Google For the integration of the Android operating system, said Microsoft manager Panos Panay. However, both devices will not be released until the end of next year.

The current devices will bring Microsoft from 22 November in Germany in the trade, the Pro X comes already on 19 November on the market. The Surface Laptop 3 has either a 13 or 15 inch display and draw their power in addition to a graphics chip from AMD (Ryzen) of one Intel10th generation quad-core processor. This worry in comparison to a Macbook Air by Apple for a three times higher performance, Panay said. Within an hour, the device should be recharged.

Microsoft manager Carmen Zlateff presents the Surface Neo

This device should come to the end of next year on the market.

(Photo: AP)

For the equipped with a 13-inch display Surface Pro X, Microsoft has for the first time with Qualcomm a chip based on the POORArchitecture that is traditionally used in mobile devices such as smartphones. This gives the device three times more performance per watt than the Surface Pro 6, Panay said.

A few years ago, Microsoft had already released a tablet with an ARM chip, but only the stripped-down operating system Windows RT was running on it – the market's success did not materialize. On the Surface Pro X, however, Windows 10 and the current version of Office to run smoothly.

With Surface Duo, Microsoft would return to the smartphone market. In 2017, the software company finally discontinued its own Windows Phone platform after many years of failure.

More: The software maker has announced share buybacks worth up to $ 40 billion. In addition, the quarterly dividend should increase by 11 percent to 51 cents per share.

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